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For more than 20 years I have been dealing with topics of technology-oriented companies, especially in the business areas automotive, audio technology and acoustics. During these exciting years, I have mainly dealt with technological developments and have also accompanied numerous transformation projects, such as reorganizations, restructurings or changes of ownership.


In my work with the different Boards of Directors, C-level, Management, employees from engineering, R&D, legal, marketing and sales, I have always explored the respective topics and have acquired valuable knowledge. This has enabled me to explain comprehensive contents and complex contexts in an understandable way and made it possible to master change processes successfully.


Communication has been my most important pillar throughout my professional life. For me, communication is always about people. The way we express issues is crucial to how people perceive them and make decisions. Communication and perception are closely linked.

In my opinion, the basis of successful communication is to convey the right amount of information in an open, transparent and understandable way and to involve people.

Christine Och | Founder intra-face


Founder intra-face

Christine Och | Founder intra-face

I have completed a successful master’s program in Communication (Master of Science) at the Danube University Krems in 2013. From the scientific discourse I have received many impulses and also answers to questions that I have dealt with in practice in the years before.

My master thesis deals with the question of the role of the CEO within the brand communication of B-to-B companies in the automotive industry.


From my point of view ethical and moral values – credibility, trust, integrity, authenticity, honesty, behavior and speeches that match the corporate values – form the basis of successful communication.  I understand communication as a long-term and serious task and not as a business project. I take on responsibility and see myself as a pioneer, who always has the company and its strategic direction in mind.

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