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Create content. Generate benefits. Offer added value.

Customers' decision-making processes have changed dramatically in recent years. Before new customers contact a sales representative, they gather information through various channels.



Content marketing is a marketing discipline whose task it is to create relevant and useful content that appeals to a specific target group. Content marketing has developed continuously over the past 10 years. It has become a valuable instrument, especially regarding the acquisition of new customers.


The goal of content marketing is to win customers and prospects and to turn them into brand ambassadors. You can achieve this by inspire them with suitable content on the appropriate channels.

Various communication instruments along the customer journey are suitable for this purpose.



Research behaviour and decision-making processes have changed dramatically over the past few years. Nowadays, customers gather information through different channels before contacting a sales representative. Vendors are not even asked to send a quotation. The information offered was not enough.

Content marketing offers you the possibility to provide potential customers with information that answers important questions and shows solutions to problems before a first contact has taken place.

In addition, content marketing helps you to build the reputation of your company or improve the level of awareness of your brand, products, services or technologies.


Inspire your customers and interested parties with relevant, useful information. Tap into the potential of content marketing.


  • Development of a content marketing strategy along the customer journey

  • Creation of a content marketing plan and selection of appropriate channels

  • Creation of suitable content in cooperation with the customers (blog articles, checklists, white paper, infographics, webinars, tutorials, videos, podcasts)

Christine Och | Founder intra-face


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